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Debt Consolidation Remortgages

Shift Short Term Debt

2020 has seen unprecedented times for us all. The nation’s finances are being restructured by government – do you need to restructure the family’s budget?

COVID-19 has impacted the household budget, often due to reduced hours or furlough. Re-mortgaging may be the solution to help regain control of your monthly budget.

Think carefully before securing debts against your home. Transferring short term loans to long term commitments will mean you may pay more in interest over the term of the mortgage.

There may be other options to manage debt – our advisors will discuss your needs and requirements before making a recommendation.


Is this you?

Tick   Is short term debt taking up too much of the monthly budget?
Tick   Do you run out of money every month?
Tick   Only covering minimum payments on Credit Cards?
Tick   Debt not reducing?
Tick   Has your debt increased due to COVID-19?
Tick   Are you back to work after furlough or shortened hours?
Tick   Do you want to restructure the family budget and take control?

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Representative example of £211,250 over a term of 25 years on an initial 5yr fixed rate 1.39% - 64 payments of £837.92, and 237 payments of £1,090.71, based on a Standard Variable rate -4.34%. Total amount to be repaid £311,064.44, made up of loan amount plus interest (£98,789.50), product fee of £995. Overall cost for comparison APCR 3.1%.

Mortgage Repayment Calculator

This calculator will give you an idea of how much your monthly mortgage payment will cost each month. Just enter the loan amount and the interest rate. Then just move the slide left or right to change the term of the mortgage.

Repayment Mortgage (£):

Interest Only Mortgage (£):

Annual Interest (%):

5 years
35 years
Monthly Mortgage Payment:

Sofa Why the Mortgage Marketplace?

From the moment you call the Mortgage Marketplace, you’ll discover that we are different. We’ll quickly explain your mortgage options and email you a personalised mortgage illustration we are recommending.

Before you apply, we will make sure you qualify for the mortgage we are recommending, so you can be confident your application will be successful. We will never leave anything to chance.

You can track your mortgage application online 24/7, upload and review documents safely and securely and message the individuals who are managing your application.

No Broker Fees

Competitive & Transparent Fees

We will complete all the initial work on your mortgage application at our expense. We charge an application fee of £395.00 on all mortgage applications once your mortgage has been agreed with the lender. We also charge a broker fee once your mortgage offer has been issued, this fee will vary depending on the type of mortgage you have applied for, a full list of our charges and fees can be reviewed by clicking on the following link:

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